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Revenge Game Cover

The Revenge Game

I’ve come a long way since being the gawky, geeky, gay kid who was constantly picked on growing up. Having just sold my tech start-up for so much money it broke my phone calculator, I’m now at a loose end wondering what to do next in my life.

Then I run into Justin. The golden boy from high school who turned my life into a living hell for four years.

And the kicker? He doesn’t even recognise me.

Even worse, it looks like karma hasn’t done its thing because Justin definitely doesn’t seem to have been punished for his previous sins.

Maybe my next mission in life is to give karma a helping hand…

The Revenge Game is a laugh-out-loud journey through misadventures in revenge and the unexpected twists of fate. It’s where old grudges spark new attractions, where secrets unravel, and where two men learn all about redemption and love.

Playing Offside

The Unforgettable Hookup

One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. 

I can’t believe my luck when the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen propositions me in a bar, looking for his first-ever one-night-stand. 

No names. No strings. Just pure fun. 

But after one incredible night together, I can’t stop thinking about him. Unfortunately, I have no way to track him down.

Lucky for me, fate is about to intervene…

Please Note: this 35,000-word story is the companion novella to The Anonymous Hookup. It is the same story told from Sam’s perspective. It can be read as a standalone but for the best reading experience, it should be read after The Anonymous Hookup. 

Playing Offside

Love Language

An MM Coworkers to Lovers Romance


I’ve shared an office with Dominic, the grumpy raincloud to my endless sunshine, for three and a half years.

My roommates and colleagues are convinced I’m obsessed with him, and okay, maybe I am slightly curious about what he signed to me at the staff mid-winter party.

Was it one of his normal snarky insults? A limerick? Directions to the nearest coffee shop?

But am I ready to discover what Dominic actually wants to say to me?

Love Language is a 13,000-word light and fluffy MM novella featuring a cantankerous computer programmer and a bubbly marketing assistant who unexpectedly learn that in the silence of gestures, love speaks the loudest.

Playing Offside

Sporting Secrets Box Set

Books One to Three, including Bonus Material

True love is worth fighting for, both on and off the field.

From rivals to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, bisexual awakening, best friends to lovers, and family secrets… these three -ever-full-length contemporary MM romance novels have it all.

Set in the hyper-masculine world of New Zealand professional rugby, this box set features books one to three in the Sporting Secrets series, Playing Offside, Playing at Home, and Playing for Keeps, plus bonus stories for each of the Sporting Secrets couples.

Enjoy hot rugby players, fun banter, sweet moments, steamy times, a little bit of angst, and, of course, a happy ever after for each couple! You don’t need to know anything about rugby to enjoy these stories.


Playing Offside

The Unlikely Heir

A Forbidden MM Royal Romance


Thanks to my misbehaving relatives, I’ve leapt from obscurity working in California, to royalty as the new heir to the British throne.

But my welcome in England is about as warm as the weather. Upon arrival, I discover a country ready to revolt against the monarchy. I vow to my grandmother, the Queen, that I’ll do anything to save the crown.

Enter the broodingly handsome Prime Minister, Oliver Hartwell. Innocent messages of support turn into late-night chats—and unexpected feelings.

But there’s one major problem. The royal family must remain politically neutral.

How can I keep my promise to save the monarchy when I’m falling for the Prime Minister?


Playing Offside

Keeping It Casual

A Single Dads MM Romance


I moved to Mineral Creek so I could focus on my son. After my recent breakup, small-town life is exactly what we need, and I’m determined to stay single.

But the town’s resident matchmakers have other ideas. Every second person I meet tries to set me up with Mineral Creek’s one other gay single Dad.

Jeremy. King.

I’ve heard those two words so many times since we moved here. I might explode if the name is uttered one more time.
But when I finally meet the man himself, any potential combustion will be due to the chemistry between us.


Playing Offside

Beautiful Hearts


An Age-Gap, Single Dad MM Romance


I lost my husband three years ago. Since then I’ve survived by focusing on raising my daughter.

Until I meet Jamie. 

He’s wrong for me for so many reasons. Too young. Too charming. Too beautiful. But as much as I try to resist, our connection is undeniable. 

Jamie’s still hurting from his past, and I’m determined to treat him the way he deserves. We weren’t part of each other’s plans, but now we have a chance to build a future together.

Until a secret from the past threatens to destroy everything.


Playing Offside

The Anonymous Hookup 

A M/M Romance Novella

I’ve never been a strings-free sex type of guy, but when my best friend encourages me to have my first ever anonymous hookup, I figure, why not? One night of steamy sex with a stranger and then I’ll focus back on recovering from my toxic break-up.

Only I’m not prepared for how incredibly hot the sex is.
Nor am I prepared to run into him again.
Because it turns out my anonymous hookup might not be so anonymous after all…


Playing Offside

Playing Offside

A M/M Sports Romance

WINNER – Editor’s choice

RWNZ Great Beginnings Contest 2021


Aiden Jones, aka the Ice King, is one of the best rugby players in the world. He got there by working hard and sacrificing a lot, including denying a large part of himself. But there’s plenty of time to be the poster boy for gay rugby players after he retires. At the moment, he’s focused on passing a long-standing points record to cement his legacy, and he’s not about to surrender his starting spot to the cocky loudmouth who just joined the training squad, no matter how talented the kid might be. 

Tyler can’t believe he’s made it into the New Zealand rugby training squad after only his first professional rugby season. Now management has decided that it’s a good idea for him to room with Aiden Jones, who Tyler’s had a long-range crush on for years. And although Aiden is icy to him both on and off the field, Tyler figures with a little charm, he can melt the Ice King. But even he’s not prepared for how heated things become between them. Now Tyler’s falling for the same guy who’s starting spot he’s gunning for. But all is fair in both love and sport, right?

By Jax Calder

The Inappropriate Date

A M/M Romance Novella

Hunter has always been a good son – respectful, hard-working and high achieving.  Unfortunately his mother struggles to handle the fact he’s bisexual, regarding his sexuality with the same enthusiasm she’d normally reserve for roadkill.

When she warns him not to bring someone inappropriate to his sister’s wedding, in an uncharacteristic fit of spite, he goes out of his way to find the most inappropriate date possible.

Blue Hair. Tattoos. Irresistible smile. Most definitely male. There’s more chance of his mother learning to moonwalk than approving of Adam as his date.

But appearances can be deceiving. And Hunter is about to learn this lesson along with the rest of his family…

Playing Offside

By Jax Calder


Being Set Up – a M/M novella


Michael is allergic to being set up. After far too many disastrous attempts by welling meaning friends to set him up with the guy of his dreams, he’s sworn off blind dates for good. Which is why he immediately and brutally shuts down his best friend Andy’s attempt to set him up with Teddy, the cousin of Andy’s wife who has just moved back to town. 

But then Michael accidentally meets Teddy at a party and has a soul-deep, scorching hot connection that he’s never had before. Will Michael manage to swallow his pride and decide to chase after the best thing that could ever happen to him?

Playing at Home Jax Calder

By Jax Calder

Playing at Home

A M/M Manny Romance

Jacob Browne comes from rugby royalty but try as he might, he’s never lived up to being the heroic idol his father was on the rugby field. And now he’s failed off the field as well with the breakdown of his marriage. When his ex-wife hires a manny, it feels like the ultimate kick in the guts that another guy gets to spend more time with his kids than he does.

 But when he actually meets Austin, the connection that grows between them upends everything Jacob thought he knew about himself and forces him to reconsider what it truly means to be a hero.

By Jax Calder

The Other Brother

A M/M New Adult Standalone Romance

What happens when you fall for the one person you can’t have?

Ryan has had seventeen years of being compared to Cody, part of his toxic fractured family, so you’ll forgive him for some epic eye-rolling when it comes to Mr Perfect. Although not related to him by blood, Cody has always been annoying background noise in Ryan’s life. It doesn’t help that Cody’s a high achieving musician, while Ryan’s life ambition doesn’t extend past catching the next wave.

One summer changes everything. It’s the summer when circumstances collide, and Cody and Ryan end up spending time together at Cody’s family’s beach house. It’s the summer Ryan teaches Cody to surf and Cody teaches Ryan to play guitar. It’s the summer when they become friends.

And then more than friends.

But when summer ends, Cody and Ryan are forced back to reality, where they must hide their relationship from their warring family members. And as tragedy strikes and family secrets buried deep in the past worm their way to the surface, their relationship is threatened. Can their feelings, which began in the summer sun, survive the winter ahead?

Playing for Keeps

By Jax Calder

Playing for Keeps

A M/M Friends to Lovers Sports Romance

Falling for your former best friend? Never a good idea.

Ethan Lewis is the joker of his rugby team, the guy who’s always up for a good time. The only thing that can wipe the smile from his face is any mention of his former best friend, Luke. He has no idea why Luke has actively avoided him for the past five years. Okay, so he broke the bro-code by hooking up with Luke’s sister, but the result was his son—and he wouldn’t change that for the world. So when he hears Luke’s signed a contract to play for his team, Ethan decides he’s going to do everything he can to get his best friend back.

Luke’s returned to New Zealand from playing rugby overseas, determined to achieve his lifelong dream and make the national team. And he’s not about to let Ethan’s presence distract him. So what if one of his new teammates is the person who shredded his heart? Luke’s moved past that, and he’s happy now with his new boyfriend. There’s no way he’s falling back under Ethan’s spell.

But it turns out no matter how good you are at evading the opposition, there’s one thing you can never escape—and that’s the love of your life.


Playing for Keeps

By Jax Calder

Attractive Forces

A M/M New Adult Standalone Romance

Chemistry is pulling them together, but is it enough to overcome the forces trying to tear them apart?

Logan Madison rules Heath Valley High. Captain of the champion rugby team, it seems he has the perfect life.

But Logan has a secret. One he will do anything to keep. He’s so used to keeping his sexuality buried he’s never stopped to think about the cost.

Until he needs a chemistry tutor.

Jake Stenton’s new to town and trying to put his past behind him. When he begins tutoring Logan, an unlikely friendship forms. But as they spend time together, Jake realizes his friendship with Logan is different to any he’s had before. Is it possible he’s developing feelings for a guy?

As the year progresses, past and present secrets threaten Logan and Jake’s budding relationship. Can the internal forces attracting them to each other overcome the external forces tearing them apart?


M/M Author

Jax Calder

My stories are all about light-hearted conversations and deeply-felt connections. I love exploring exactly why two characters are the only ones who’ll make the other truly happy, and the journey they take to reach their happily-ever-after

I live in New Zealand with my family and a wide assortment of animals. I’m a rabid sports fan, a hiking enthusiast and have a slightly unhealthy addiction to nature documentaries. I have also been known to read the odd book on occasion.


5 AMAZING STARS… I loved the book with my whole heart.

– Amazon review


Put this in the keep you up all night category – in the BEST way!

– Goodreads review


This story will make you swoon, it will give you all the feels and it will leave you with a smile on your face. 

– Goodreads review

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